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What is spa?
The word 'spa' came from the Belgium town of Spa.  It means spring of mineral water having medicinal properties. It is formed by far under the ground heated water by magma. It helps health retreats where an individual can emerge fitter, more vigorous and more able to handle stress.

There are a wide variety of spa activities. Some of them focus on fitness, while others treat a range of medical disorders through mineral water and massage therapies. There are many kinds of spa resorts and hotels and spa packages.

4 Tips for Spa
Here are some tips to help you in choosing the right hotel for your spa and resort vacation:
Indugle Yourself
If you want to enhance both your inner and outer beauty, you can choose pampering spa.
The pampering spa is head-to-toe body treatment such as herbal wraps and mud packs, facials and hair treatments, full salon services and massage.
It helps you to relieve stress, reduce muscle tension and stimulate circulation
Seeking A Cure
If you suffer illnesses, metabolic disorders, back pain or skin conditions, you can choose spas that offer medical facilities.
You can be treated through special diet, massage, thermal waters and therapeutic climates.
**In some countries, medical treatments at spas is also covered by your health insurance policy.
Improve Your Fitness
Most spas provide fitness facilities, such as exercise equipment, aerobics classes, water gymnastics, and group hikes.
You can use your spa vacation to lay the groundwork for a fitness routine that you can continue long after you return home.
Eating For better Health
If you want to lose weight, or if you must follow a specific diet for health reasons, you can choose a spa that offers a more structured food regimen designed to fit your needs.
Most spas offer a variety of low-fat menu items that are low in calories, cholesterol and sodium.
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