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Spa Activities > Aesthetic Refinement
Activity Explanation Functions
Aqua Toning An exercise in water which support your body
    - Ideal for beginners & regulars to aerobic activity
- Enable the lower body to work and tone
- Stimulate the heart and lungs
- Burn away excess fat
Banyan Cleansing Facial A technique used to provide total relaxation and complete deep pore cleansing
    Facial Procedure
    1. cleansing, toning and steaming
    2. facial massage & exfoliation of dead skin cells
    3. masque & moisturizer
- Remove the dull surface skin cells
- Improve circulation
- Provide a softer & smoother looking skin
Natural Indonesian Facial A facial which cleans the skin deeply with the use of exfoliation from sea shells
    - Different natural ingredients can be used to suit
      different skin types
Stretching A learning of stretches for various parts of your body - Reduce muscle tension
- Make your body feel more relaxed
Tai Chi The balance of Yin & Yang, a combination of ancient; and a slow balanced movements to strengthen both body and mind
Thai Honey Facial A use of the mixture of honey, lime and cucumber as skin healers, softeners & moisturizers which penetrates cell skin layer to cleanse and oxygenate the skin - Reduce the discomforts of skin irritations & inhibit infections
- Promote new cell growth
Stretching An Eastern practice, using postures (asanas) & controlled breathing based on Yoga movements to stretch and tone the body
    You will be led through a range of Yoga positions
- Better understanding how you should breath during exercise & movement
- Increase muscle strength and flexibility
- Improve circulation
- Calm the central nervous system
- Enable the experience of a meditative state
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