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Spa Activities > Hydrotherapy
Activity Explanation Functions
Body Parisian Polish A combination of botanical salts, warm plant essences, and algae extracts are applied to the body - Exfoliates and removes dull surface skin cells
- Improving circulation
- Producing softer, smoother, healthier skin
Honey Seed Rub A beautiful aromatic body rub using natural honey and sesame seeds - Leave the body feeling fresh & extremely
Jacuzzi A deep bathtub with under water jets to therapeutically massage your feet and back
    - To bath in deep bathtub with under water jets
    - Water is approximately 40 degrees centigrade
Javanese Lulur An Indonesian Massage
    1. Use yellow colored spices & herbs with an
      exfoliation scrub followed by a yogurt rub down
    2. Soak in a scented flower bath & a 'Jamu Elixir'
    3. A refreshing shower to complete the treatment
Oasis of Enlightenment A hot and cold treatment to stimulate your skin
    1. Go either wet steam or dry sauna
    2. A cold shower, relax in hot & soothing Jacuzz
    3. Rejuvenate with a cold shower
    4. Loofah scrub & milk moisturizer applies on skin
    5. Tranquil moments in your private garden retreat
Salt Glow A stimulating cleansing treatment consists of massaging your body with a mixture of water, blended salts with essential oils
    1. Put the mixture on the body & massage
    2. Have luxurious treatment
- Promote relaxation
- Remove dead skin cells
- Clean the pores
- Clean and soften skin
Sauna A dry heat treatment for those who cannot tolerate moist heat
    - To sit in heated room that has little humidity at
      temperatures averaging 80 degrees centigrade
Steam A use of steam to refresh mind and body
    - To sit or recline in a room filled with moist heat
      at 45 degrees centigrade & 100% humidity
- Clean the pores & rids skin of embedded dirt
- Restore a healthy glow to shallow complexions
- Warms & soothes aching muscles, joints &
  tendons & lubricates the upper respiratory tract
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