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Spa Activities > Massage
Activity Explanation Functions
Asian Blend A massage with a style of manipulation of the physical structure & form
    - Use the practitioners body weight for the
      transmission of pressure, force or energy, which
      creates a highly therapeutic effect
    - Guests will be offered lightweight clothing which
      allows for flexible movement
Deep Tissue A slow strokes & deep finger pressure on areas of the body suffering from chronic muscle tension or areas that simply ache or feel contracted - especially effective with tense areas such as stiff
  necks or sore shoulders
Essence of Earth Use of fragrant, nature, botanical essential oils from plants, some indigenous to Thailand, leaves, bark, roots, seeds, resins & flowers during massage - Refreshes and relaxes the skin
- Enhance relaxation
Honey Release Use a mixture of honey and pure fresh orange juice - Release muscle tension
- Increase blood circulation
- Moisturize skin
Indonesia Massage A deep tissue massage using palm pressure which apply mixture of spice oils on the body with long firm strokes - Creates energy and a feeling of well-being
Lomi Lomi A special strokes massage which is both powerful and gentle, invigorating & soothing with rhythmic grace - Increase relaxation
- Nurtures the spirit
Manual Lymph Drainage A rhythmic pumping form of massage that stimulates the movement of lymph fluid through the lymph vessels - Treat lymphedema, a side effect of any surgery
  in which the lymph nodes are removed or of
  radiation administered in lymph nodes area
Massotherapy Extensive selection of massage therapies which can be customized & designed to your own individual needs - Reduce tension
- Improve circulation
- Eliminate soreness
- Promote relaxation
Sports Massage A deep muscle massage and is often used around the joints which is used both before & after exercise as well as in the treatment of sports injuries such as sprains, strains & tendonitis - Speed up muscle recovery after vigorous
  exercise & torn or strained muscles
- Assist training
- Prevent injury
Swedish Massage A a combination of different massage techniques (Greek, Roman and Chinese)
    - A full-body standard massage which combines
      3 basic strokes to the skin: long firm strokes ,
      kneading strokes & small circles
- Reduce tension
- Improve relaxation
- Increase circulation
Tension Relief A massage that concentrates on the back area to loosen tight muscles in the neck, shoulders & back which is designed for those who are really tight and tense these area
Thai Massage A Thai style & deep tissue massage uses both palm & thumb to concentrate on the pressure points of your whole body - Reduce fatigue
- Release tight muscles
- Improve blood circulation
- Create feeling of well being
Yin Yang Two skilled therapists working to restore a peaceful balance within, to induce a joining of two energies - A feeling of absolute calm & balance
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