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Spa Activities > Thermotherapy
Activity Explanation Functions
Calming Back Treatment A gentle exfoliating treatment for keeping your back clean, soft & revitalized
    1. Put a calming massage oil to relieve tension and to soothe the skin
    2. Use warm seaweed with powerful anti-inflammatory action
- Remove accumulation of dead skin cells
- Improve circulation
- Relieve stress, sore muscles, aches & pains on whole back area
Earth Essence Body Treatment A relaxing & aromatic treatment(unique massage & body masque) using blended essential oils which is applied on specific areas - Relieve stress
- Detoxification
- Soothe body
Mudd Body Mask A re-mineralizing body massage using mudd and special lotion containing plant, floral or marine extracts
    1. Put warm & highly mineralized mudd on the body
    2. Wrap the body
- Soothe sore muscles & joints
- Enhance relaxation
Natural Thai Herb Body Wrap A natural moisturizing treatment with Loofah scrub
    1. Use Loofah scrub to clean & exfoliate the skin
    2. Wrap body with blended herbs
- Remove dead skin cells
- Moisture skin
Royal Thai Honey Steam Wrap A deep cleansing exfoliation treatment use of granulated sea salt
    1. Put Royal Thai Honey on your wet & moist skin
    2. Wrap body in a cotton robe
    3. Enter the steam room & the natural humectant properties of the Royal Thai will nourish & moisturize the skin
- Remove the dull surface skin cells
- Improve circulation
- Provide a softer & smoother looking skin
Seaweed Body Mask A full body treatment consists of a specially prepared warm seaweed solution which is applied to the body
    1. Put warm seaweed solution on the body
    2. Use a batik sheet to wrap the body followed by a warm water bottle to facilitate the penetration of the seaweed solution
- Reduce fluid retention
- Improve circulation
- Detoxification
Soothing Body Mask A cool treatment ideal for those who suffer sunburn
    1. Aloe is used all over the body
    2. The body is wrapped in sheets of plastic
- Cool down & hydrate the affected skin
Thai Herbal Heat Reviver Using traditional herbal recipe of Pai root, tamarind leaves, turmeric, bergamot peels, camphor, lemongrass & black herbal seed direct applies to body through massage
    1. Prepare cotton & put it into herbal solution
    2. Put a herbal poultices on the body
- Relaxes fatigued muscles
- Improve circulation
- Improve skin's elasticity
- Eliminate toxins from the body
White Mudd Body Wrap A aromatic body rub using natural honey and sesame seeds
    1. put natural honey and sesame seeds on the body
    2. Wrap body with white mudd
- Exfoliate & nourish skin
- Enhance circulation & detoxification
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